Environment friendly Quality Work


Drilling and Completion Services

.AGP Petroleum offers a fully integrated drilling and completion services using cutting-edge technology with its extensive oilfield experience. AGP Petroleum satisfies a full line of complementary rental services as well.

Oil and Gas Production

As AGP Petroleum, productions in the oil and gas fields are performed and problems regarding to the productions in the fields are solved by taking the advantages of modern technologies with our proffessional team.

Surface Facility and Pipeline Installation

AGP Petroleum handles surface facility and pipeline installation, and commissioning of new oil and gas fields diligently by its well-experienced team.

Material and Chemical Supply

Various materials and chemicals for the need of oil and gas fields as well as on-the-job health safety equipments (HSE) are supplied by AGP Petroleum in accordance with our customers’ necessities.

Oil and Gas Trading

By utilizing the existing transportation channels, AGP Petroleum trades oil and gas for the best interest of our customers depending on their requirements.